Barclays Premiership Football - Chelsea FC vs Norwich City FC

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Hello sports fans,

On Saturday I travelled south to Stamford Bridge, home of Chelsea Football Club to photograph images of their home game against Norwich City for Action Plus Sports Images. The past months have been hard for Chelsea compared to previous seasons and the pressure was on for Jose Mourinho for a win.

The weather certainly changed for the worse with a bitterly cold wind and this proved difficult towards the end of the match. This was my first outing to Stamford Bridge and photographers are only allowed along one side of the pitch (opposite to the dug outs) and I would recommend to any photographer attending the stadium to take a tall seat since there is a big drop behind the electronic signage. The one saving grace is that a photographer can sit at any place along the pitch side so giving multiple views of the action. Again, as with the majority of the premiership stadiums there was no power and ethernet connections to support our work and transmit images. Again, we relied on our mobile devices on 4G networks (which is also used by the fans) so very slow.

After arriving and collecting my accreditation and bib, I walked around the stadium to capture general views and supporters. For the first time I decided to visit the press room for some lunch since it was a very long 12 hour day. I have to say Chelsea FC put on the best media lunches I have ever seen and the hot food was very welcome. Once I was fed and regained some energy for the remainder of the day, I then moved off to the player warm-up session pre-game to capture player portraits. In the final minutes before the game starts, I would normally head for the dug out to capture images of the managers arrival and greeting which can provide some great imagery but no photographers are allowed in this area.

I was lucky to say that some old friends were also attending the match as they have Chelsea season tickets and it was good to see them, albeit from a far in the stands. I wish I could have offered them the same view as myself and see the action up close, but I suppose they had a great birds eye view.

With the whistle blown, and continuously watching the action on the pitch, my first task was to download and caption all my images before uploading to the server. Shooting football for the wire services requires some multi-tasking skills as you are always trying to do a numbers of jobs simultaneously and also be very efficient in your workflow. We must constantly and simultaneously watch the action, capture images, download images, caption images, edit images and upload images to the news wire. It takes time to master the skill and it is high pressure work which I love since you are working full on from the whistle to an hour after the match ends.

The match itself showed an increase in Chelsea's confidence and determination whilst City tried hard to push back but missed chances. In the end Chelsea scored in the 64th Minute. As always, it was a pleasure to see the players perform from a close viewpoint and the match provided a selection of images which can be seen on the Action Plus Sports Images website.


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