Product Review - Easy Cover Camera Body Protection - Canon 1Dx

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Hello sports fans,

I was recently asked by a Dutch company called Easy Cover to review their camera body covers from a sports photography perspective. They are custom-manufactured for specific camera bodies made from high quality silicone to ensure a tight and functional fit. They come in a selection of colours: black, red, yellow and camouflage although the selection of colour depends on the model of camera body (Canon, Nikon and Sony). They are designed to protect the body from the occasional bump, scratch as well as sand and dust. The packaging also includes scratch protectors for the LCD display screens.

As a professional sports photographer, I was asked to give honest feedback on the 1Dx Mk2 easy cover on my 1Dx Mk1 body during my sport photography work. Upon first inspection the Mk 2 covers appears to be well made and fits with ease on to the Mk1 body to provide a snug fit. The various buttons on the cover align perfectly on the camera body. One useful aspect is the hotshoe protection where a section of the silicon slots in to the hotshoe to protect the open contacts. The silicone material provides comfort when holding the body and the design includes hatched sections for increased grip where the photographer holds the body in both landscape and portrait orientations. The connection ports are easily accessible and from first inspections I am impressed but how does this perform in the field on practical sports assignments.

I have now used the easy cover at a couple of Premiership Football matches. At first it seemed odd to hold the camera body with the extra thickness of the cover but I soon adapted and I found the silicone cover to add extra grip and beneficial. When moving around a match (or other event for that matter) it is common to carry multiple bodies and it can be easy to bump a body or lens in to various objects no matter how careful you try to be. The protection of the silicone cover adds that extra protection against scratches and damage to the camera body internals. 

As a sports shooter, I always use back button focus (removing the focus aspect of the shutter release button to another button - AF-on) and this works well in this genre of photography. The easy cover does not have an opening for this button but rather a thinner button profile that is directly over the actual button. I did notice whilst using the AF-on button that I must assert more pressure to give me confidence that the focussing was being achieved. Perhaps this confidence will come with time the more I use it. As the winter days and evenings draw in, one welcome benefit of the Easy Cover is to prevent your hands from getting cold on the magnesium alloy camera body. When you are constantly capturing the sporting action as well as downloading, editing, captioning and uploading images to the news wire, it is best to have your fingers exposed for increased dexterity and anything that can prevent your fingers getting cold like an exposed camera body is welcomed. On balance, my first uses of the Easy Cover proved well and no real disadvantages.

With the investment that professional sports photographers make in their gear, the relative cheapness of this Easy Cover is by far one of the easiest decisions to make. Here are a few images on a Canon 1Dx with two colour options - black and red. 

If you are considering protecting your expensive camera body, whether it be Canon or Nikon (or Sony), you can see more of their products on their website.


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