2016-17 Premiership Football - Leicester City FC v Manchester United FC

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Hello sports fans,

The weekend was action packed with Premiership football on Saturday when I was shooting Premiership football for Action Plus Sports Images for an afternoon match between Leicester City FC and Manchester United FC at The Kingpower Stadium.

As with all matches I arrived early at The Kingpower Stadium to prepare for the days action. Once parked, I 'hiked' to the stadium and the photographers entrance. The security teams were there to sign me in and search my bags. Once through security, I made my way to the photographers room which was very small but adequate where I set out a space for my laptop and collected my photographers bid and accreditation. My next task was to walk out to the pitch and identify where I shall sit through the match and see if there are any spare network connections. At this match, I decided to sit in front of the Manchester United fans as I expected some players coming my way during the match and an Ethernet port was available. 

One issue that all photographers have on pitch side is our ability to transmit images live before, during and after the match. Without a hard wired Ethernet connection, we are all using our wifi to connect to a mobile network service and with everyone now having mobile access to the same providers, then it undoubtedly gets busy as the bandwidth just cannot cater for almost 20+ thousand people wanting to check their e-mails, social media etc at the same time we want to transmit our images out. All Premier league clubs must provide hard wired ethernet connections on pitch side for photographers but this does not necessarily happen and we are at the mercy of network bandwidth. Even with a dedicated network dongle we cannot be sure of fast transmissions. There have been many a time when it has taken a simple JPEG image of 100kb size over 5 minutes to be transmitted. The best option is to transmit a a few images often instead of many at one time.

As always, I capture a few general views before the match starts so I can focus on the players. It is always good to seek imagery that appears different and interesting especially when shooting for stock use as well as editorial use. Once I had captured all my general views, it was time to return to the photographers room and download, caption, edit and upload. As with other premiership clubs, they kindly put on some food and drink to stoke the fire before the match. About an hour before the match, the players come out for the warm-up and it enables us to capture some player portraits with the ball.

The match highlighted the lack of form that Leicester showed last season when they won the Premier League title. Manchester United kept the pressure on throughout and were rewarded with three goals. This was another losing match for Leicester and their last premiership win was on 31st December against West Ham. There has been whispers that supporters are seeking to replace the Claudio Ranieri due to poor results but the latest news is that the Leicester City management have full confidence in him. After a successful last season, I do not want to see them relegated this season.  

At full time, I went through all my images to review any specific images that can be used for stock and sent them over the wire. As always, it was a pleasure to see the players perform from a close viewpoint and the match provided a selection of images which can be seen on the Action Plus Sports Images website.


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